the editor: re: “Immigration Not Handled Wisely” article by Chuck Kelley. I read Mr. Kelley’s letter on all the problems that immigrants cause in America. I didn’t check up on the figures he presented because the thing that struck me most was his referral to “native Americans” and “the natives” — meaning non-immigrants, I think. However, his last name being “Kelley”, I found this very ironic. I don’t know any Native Americans or native Americans with an Irish last name. His ancestors were most likely something like mine: came over on a leaky boat from Ireland 150 years ago and took any job they could get which were the nasty jobs because no one wanted to hire the dirty, illiterate (and sometimes Catholic) brogue-speaking Micks. I’m not saying the INS doesn’t have serious problems — but it’s also a healthy thing to remember from whence we came. Kathleen Terrel Prineville
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