the editor: Residents of central Oregon wake up. A huge gas-fired electricity generating plant, Cogentrix, (980 megawatts) is planning to set up shop in our area, with others planning to follow. This is a regional problem, which will severely affect our clean air and water. Cogentrix intends to suck eleven million gallons of water a day from our central Oregon aquifers. What effect will this have on our water table? According to emission figures from the Cogentrix Grizzly Plant DEQ application, this plant will dump 356 tons of carbon monoxide, 361 tons of nitrogen oxides (major cause of smog), 30 tons of sulfur dioxide, 367 tons of particulate matter, and 771,842 tons over the amount allowed by DEQ standards of carbon dioxide (major contributor to climate changes) into our clean air each year. These hazardous pollutants also include ammonia, benzene, toluene, lead, arsenic, mercury, sulfuric acid mist, and other toxins. These emissions will cause increased lung disease, heart disease, possible birth defects, and death rates. In Sumas, Wash., a proposed 660 megawatt plant will produce discharges equal to 150,000 more cars. At 980 megawatts, Cogentrix will produce discharges equal to over 200,000 more cars in central Oregon. Oregon has no power shortage. All Cogentrix power will be exported to Calif. and possibly Mexico. Shall we sacrifice our clean air and water to provide for out of state electricity? Do businesses in Bend and Redmond want to sacrifice their thriving tourist and real estate industry? Do Prineville residents realize they will be directly in the path of the gigantic plumes of pollution coming from this plant? The time to act is now. Contact hotline: 475-4446 or website: http://stop Jon and Marian Granby Madras
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