>Exact cost of three work schedules has yet to be determined
By July 22, the City of Prineville should have a contract signed between Hap Taylor and Sons and R & G Construction for the wastewater treatment plant expansion.
   Ron Kleinschmit, who is a private consultant contracting with the City Public Works Department, provided Prineville city councilors with a brief update recently, and work should begin July 22.
   City personnel and Ace Consulting have been working together to find ways of saving money in the project.
   "To date, approximately $250,000 in cost savings seem achievable," Kleinschmit said, but he added that landscaping and landscaping irrigation items are yet to be fully reviewed.
   Kleinschmit also said city staff and Ace Consulting have reviewed the overall re-use irrigation option to expand re-used water and water rights recovery.
   "I would expect that the second week in August, we should be able to put our finger more firmly on what the cost of the three schedules will be," he added. "And there is still the potential, at least for a few property owners, to bring them into the water re-use area."
   Kleinschmit also recommended having city staff talk with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) about getting loan funds to help with the shortfall.
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