of the great things about sports -- probably the real reason most of us keep coming back -- are the inspiring stories they every once in a while happen to generate.
   All sports fans love an exciting, down to the wire game, but it is images like Curt Schilling's blood soaked sock, or details of Lance Armstrong's struggle with cancer, that keep us glued to the T.V. night after night.
   Morgan Jorgenson, a sophomore at Crook County High School, may not be a member of one of the school's fall OSAA sanctioned athletic teams, but she is, without a doubt, one of this season's true heroes.
   Jorgenson is a cheerleader for the varsity squad. And like most cheerleaders, she takes her job seriously.
   She knows that some nights will be better than others, and that there will surely be times when the stands or a warm house seem much more inviting than the cold sidelines. But, as the mature beyond her years Jorgenson stated, "if we're not there to cheer and show our support, who will?"
   Last Friday night that question came to the forefront. Worn out from the toll of a losing season and chilled by an especially cold central Oregon night, the CCHS cheerleading team decided they had had enough.
   With their football team down 34-0 at the half, the squad bolted for the back door.
   Jorgenson, who had left early on one instance before, decided this time to stick it out. She ventured up into the stands to join friends and from there kept the Cowboy spirit alive.
   Soon enough, she and her new team of cheerleaders took their show back onto the field.
   The Cowboys failed to score during the second half, but they did manage to keep the opposing Summit Storm out of the end zone as well.
   No cheerleaders would be bold enough to say that they were the ones responsible for the difference, but it probably didn't hurt. As a token of their appreciation, the Crook County football team, who did notice the support, got together and sent Jorgenson a bouquet of flowers.
   "I'm a cheerleader and I show support, but it's nice to know I also have support," a thankful Jorgenson said.
   Jorgenson's regular teammates will be back with her this Friday for the Cowboys' final game of the season. A new rule has even been implemented, stating that no cheerleader is allowed to leave games early.
   Jorgenson claims no responsibility for the change and wants no accolades for her show of dedication. She insists she was just doing her job.
   "I signed up for cheerleading to cheer, not to leave early," she said. "I knew signing up there would be cold games."
   The Cowboys wrap things up Friday at Bend and Coach Steve Turner is optimistic about closing out the season with a win.
   If you go, keep your eye out for a small, blond girl on the sidelines.
   She'll be cheering, no matter what.
    Tim Stumm's column runs in the Central Oregonian every other Friday. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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