I was kind of hoping to name this blog "Ants on a Blog" just to see who would notice.
   Anyway, I just want all the kiddies to sign up for the First Annual Crook County Winter Baseball Camp, held from Dec. 20-22. You'll be on vacation, doing nothing and shaking presents under the tree. This camp ACTUALLY allows you to get out of the house in the middle of winter. Go figure.
   Listen, I have absolutely no ties to this camp, I just think it's a great idea. I grew up playing baseball and would have loved to have done something like this during the cold of winter. Instead, I was usually seen napping on the couch in the cold of winter, and still am today. Get out of the house. Maybe you'll get your face in the paper.
   In other news, there's full slate of sports happening this weekend. Of course, it is all happening far, far away. Wrestling is at the Coast Classic in North Bend; Cowboys basketball is at Eagle Point and Crater; Cowgirls basketball is at Mazama and Klamath Union; Kellie Foley is running in the national championships in Spokane, Wash.; Crawford is roping in Las Vegas; the Mitchell teams are in Silver Lake; and Crook County Christian is in Gilchrist.
   As soon as I find out the information (scores, stats, highlights), I'll pass them along. Have a good weekend.
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