>Seventy-five students at Ochoco Elementary were honored in the accelerated reader program
Seventy-five Ochoco Elementary students have been honored for their love of reading.
   School Principal Jan Boles said students read throughout the school year for the Accelerated Reader program. The company that provides those books also provides testing to the school.
   "And then I have to get so many points," Boles explained of how the testing works. "I have to get 80 percent on the test to get the points."
   "The aim is to get us to read often, continuously at a level that challenges us," the principal said. "Comprehension. And one of our school goals and our district goals is to teach students to read so they can meet state benchmarks in reading."
   Before students get to check out books and take the tests, they first have to take a Star Reader test.
   "Now if I make my goal and I make 80 percent or better for the whole trimester, my horse and I get to go to the corral," she said.
   A corral with students' names and their horses was set up at the school. Parent and school volunteer Carol Smith moved the horses and names into the corral each trimester.
   Students who made it to the corral in the first trimester received a pencil that stated "I'm an accelerated reader." Those who made the reading goal in the second trimester received a bookmark that read "Read To Succeed at Ochoco Elementary." Students who made it all three trimesters in the Accelerated Reading program went on a field trip to Rimrock Lanes on June 9 for a fun day of bowling. They were also treated to a picnic at Ochoco Creek Park. The meals were donated by the Prineville Dairy Queen.
   Boles was proud of the students.
   "Every student is interested in seeing where their horse is and their progress," she said. "And they're excited about reading and about taking tests. We're creating lifelong readers here and it is fun."
   She added that the Crook County Library has accelerated reader books that are marked as such.
   "They have one of the very best children's reading sections in the region," Boles said.
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