>Movie crew shoots scenes at fair, downtown
Prineville is getting the Hollywood treatment, if just for a few days.
   The feature comedy "Man Maid" about a second-generation male maid working at a small town hotel, shot a few scenes in Prineville this weekend.
   "Crowd shots" were completed during the Crook County Fair.
   The film production is using The New Redmond Hotel as its hub of operations and one of its principal locations.
   Prineville police sergeant Ray Cuellar helped secure the Prineville street locations.
   He and another officer partially closed Main and Second Streets from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday. Main and Fourth was partially closed later that evening and north and southbound traffic was halted on Main and West Fourth and Fifth Streets in front of the Horseshoe Saloon until 1:30 a.m.
   "A couple times they told me to get out of the shot," laughed Cuellar.
   The public cooperated with the traffic restrictions and the filmers were easy to work with, he added.
   The screenplay for the film was written by Chris Lusvardi, whose credits include writing for ABC's Sports Night. He will also direct.
   Lusvardi's wife, Brandy, a costume designer, was born and raised in Portland and has ties throughout the state.
   The movie features relative newcomer Phillip Vaden of "Pope Dreams" - a coming of age tale currently making the festival circuit- and Sara Rue of ABC's Less than Perfect. Comedy veteran and Christopher Guest film regular Jane Lynch is attached to the film. Steve Hytner, probably best known for his recurring role as Kenny Bania on Seinfeld, will also appear.
   The producer anticipates a release sometime in spring of 2007.
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