Welcome everyone to the Off the Rail sports blog. This is a first for me, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the blog better, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. It's a work in progress, but hopefully I won't bore the heck out of you.
   If you read my column in today's paper (Dec. 1), you'll know what to expect. If you didn't and you just stumbled onto this site, well welcome, and here is what to expect:
   - This is basically an extension of the sports page.
   - I'll post scores and highlights of games that happen during the weekend or after Tuesday's paper comes out so you know who won faster than three days after the fact.
   - You can send me e-mail that, if appropriate, I will post.
   - I'll rant on a national sports story every once in a while.
   - I'll also include anything that I think you need to know that didn't make it to the sports page.
   With that said, the first item of business is the National Finals Rodeo. The NFR commenced last night and Prineville's Charly Crawford, a header in team roping, finished in 10th on day one with partner Cody Hintz of Spring Creek, Nev. The duo clocked a time of 19.8 seconds.
   Bareback rider Bobby Mote of Culver took fourth on day one at the NFR in Las Vegas. Mote, riding on Faded Dice from the Big Bend Rodeo Co., scored an 83.5, and walked away with $6,718.75.
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