No pet owner wants to see their pet suffer from muscle and joint pain. The truth of the matter is that as a dog or cat ages, the probability of arthritic pain increases greatly.

At ages 8-10 years, 27 percent of dogs suffer from arthritis. That number increases to 37 percent for dogs 11-13 years old. If you’ve seen signs that your dog is slowing down, it may be due to joint and muscle pain common in arthritis.

In cats, it is often difficult to diagnose arthritic pain due to their demeanor. If you’ve noticed your cat slowing down, having problems reaching the litter box or isolating themselves from the family, pain may be the cause.

If your pet is constantly plagued with sore muscles and joints, degenerative joint conditions, neurological pain, chronic non-healing wounds or inflammation, laser therapy is a non-surgical treatment worth considering. It can be successfully used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, increase mobility and speed recovery.

Best of all, it requires no sedation and can have rapid results with virtually no side effects.

Lasers have been used in human medicine for more than 30 years and are now beginning to make huge advances in the veterinary field. With the family pet increasingly treated as a member of the family, maintaining a quality of life for the pet becomes more and more important.

Laser therapy provides an opportunity to increase comfort for a pet and improve their daily living.

Laser therapy has several benefits over traditional pain and mobility treatments. During therapy, the patented delivery system synchronizes energy frequencies delivering superior results in less time, painlessly and without side effects, risk or even the use of drugs.

The versatility of the laser also allows the veterinarian to use it to treat various conditions as well as for post-surgical wounds greatly improving recovery time.

Have you noticed your pet slowing down or having trouble with everyday movement? Ask your veterinarian about laser therapy as a possible treatment to improve their quality of life.

You’ll likely notice immediate results in their mobility and your pet will thank you!

Dr. Patrick L. Paradis is a veterinarian and the owner of Woodburn Pet Hospital. He specializes in small animal general medicine and surgery, canine dentistry and orthopedic surgery.

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