by: COURTESY OF JOEL MONROY - Firefighters clear fallen trees along Highway 99E near MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility this weekend.A major storm pummeled North Marion County this weekend, knocking down trees and cutting power for thousands of residents in the area.

About 7,250 outages were reported from the area, which includes Woodburn, Mount Angel, Hubbard, Donald, Aurora, St. Paul and Gervais, according to PGE.

Woodburn Fire District crews responded to five weather related calls on Saturday and two calls on Sunday, according to Robb Gramzow of WFD.

Downtown Woodburn shut down for most of Saturday as the storm hit businesses hard.

“We were about seven-and-a-half hours without power,” said Tom Flomer, owner of Flomer’s Furniture & Appliance in downtown Woodburn. “There was a chunk of blocks downtown that were just black.”

PGE crews continued to restore power to customers throughout its coverage area Monday. Since the storm began, PGE crews have restored power to more than 110,000 customers, throughout its coverage area, which includes Portland, Salem and Hillsboro, according to a PGE news release.

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