Lovett paints truck pink to raise money for breast cancer research

You have to agree a guy has to be pretty secure within himself to wear the color pink.

But drive a tricked out pink truck? by: OUTLOOK PHOTO: ANNE ENDICOTT - Dale Lovett plans to drive his pinked out truck through the month of October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Meet Dale Lovett, a 42-year old Gresham resident whose efforts to raise money for breast cancer research have gone to a new level.

Lovett is the owner of the Portland-based Lovett Inc., an excavation company he founded in 1997. On Friday, Oct. 4, Lovett was discussing the company’s Facebook presence with his head of marketing, Aaron Sawyer. The pair was brainstorming ideas to increase the number of Facebook followers for the company, while also promoting Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Lovett, who never does anything on a small scale, then issued a challenge.

“I told Aaron if we could get 2,400 followers by Monday (Oct. 7), I would paint my truck pink,” Lovett said. “And I told him for every follower over 2,400, I would donate $1 toward breast cancer research. I walked away, thinking it would never happen. Well, 12 hours later, we were at 2,700.”

Lovett is a homegrown guy from East Multnomah County. He is a graduate of David Douglas High School, father of a 12-year-old daughter, and recently orchestrated a very public marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Tabitha Coria, via a video that has gone viral.

He’s known as a thoughtful and generous guy, who lives by the creed, “practice kindness.”

But his support of breast cancer research doesn’t stem from personal loss, he said. It’s more a tradition started by his family and continuing among those in his social circle.

“My family has done the Race for the Cure for a long time,” he explained. “We had 20-25 people on our team this year. The girls all go down and do the race and the guys all get together and make breakfast for them. It’s always been a pretty big deal.”

After “losing the bet,” Lovett held true to his promise — he pimped out his 2012 GMC Denali pickup. Pink vinyl overlays were applied to the hood and tailgate, both embellished with a breast cancer ribbon, Lovett’s company logo and silhouettes of the female “twin peaks.” Rims on the truck’s 37-inch tires are powdered coated, with materials donated by a Portland company, whose owner is a friend of Lovett’s.

Rumbling down the road in the pink ride is an adventure.

“People see the truck and you can see they’re thinking, ‘A pink truck?’” Lovett said. “But then they see what it’s for and they’re giving thumbs up and peace signs. They point, take cell phone pictures — the kids love it. It’s pretty awesome.”

As of press time, nearly 3,200 people have liked the Lovett, Inc., Facebook page, meaning the company’s owner is already pushing close to an $800 donation. But Lovett isn’t finished. He has a challenge for those who live within the Outlook’s coverage area.

“I will drive the pink truck through November if we can get 3,500 followers by Oct. 31,” Lovett said. “But I’m OK with 10,000 local followers. That’s a $10,000 donation — I would Lovett!”

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