by: JEFF MCDONALD  - Wolfers Home Services is bursting at the seams, said John Christin, president. To say Wolfer’s Home Services on Young Street is cramped would be an understatement.

“We’re bursting at the seams,” said John Christin, company president. “We’ve outgrown the facility.”

That is why Wolfer’s, a heating, air conditioning and water filtration installation and repair company, will be moving to a newer location off Front Street north of Hardcastle Avenue in January. The space, a former trucking and distribution center, gives more room to grow and a fenced parking lot for Wolfer’s fleet of trucks and service vehicles, Christin said.

Wolfer’s will increase its square footage from 6,500 square feet in the current location to 10,900 in the new space, Christin said.

“We’ve seen growth in our business over the last couple of years,” he said. “The new space creates a better efficiency model for us.”

Established in 1901 and one of Woodburn’s oldest businesses, Wolfer’s is the second oldest Lennox dealership in North America, said Christin, a former Lennox manager who purchased the business from the Wolfer family in 2009.

Since he purchased the company, Wolfer’s has grown from 12 employees to 42 employees today, he said.

The company is still hiring. “We’re always going to hire great people,” he said. “That’s our motto.”

Revenue growth increased roughly 17 percent last year, said Christin, citing increased penetration into markets and a growing sales and technical staff as reasons why his company continues to grow.

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