by: JEFF MCDONALD  - Touch Less Drive-In Car Wash features two different wash options - the Istobal unit, which buffs and polishes the car and has pressure-sensitive technology that works around racks and other devices on the car. Also, the car wash features a touchless car wash that coats and rinses the car without touching it. With winter coming, the last thing most people want to do is wash or detail the car. Or wash the dog, for that matter.

Both are good reasons to check out Touch Less Drive-In Car Wash in Hubbard, which not only features a state-of-the-art car wash and detailing equipment, but also a dog wash and relaxing quarters for anyone who has to wait.

Maintaining the car during winter helps maintain the resale value and adds to peace of mind, said Jack Strom, manager of the car wash.

“We give you a comfortable place to relax and bring the dog too,” Strom said. “You end up paying a ton in the long run for not keeping on top of it.”

Touch Less, which opened next to the Chevrolet dealership off North Pacific Highway in 2010, is best known for its “touchless” car wash, which employs high pH soap that coats the car, fast-spinning nozzles that rinse it and a triple shine foam that add a glossy shine at the end.

Gone are the giant spinning cloth brushes that slap at a car, causing high-end car owners to wince.

“A lot of people with nicer cars like the touchless technology because of the damage they’ve experienced with other car washes,” Strom JEFF MCDONALD  - Jack Strom, manager of Touch Less Drive In Car Wash, shows off the two bays that offer high quality washes in Hubbard.

More recently, Touch Less has added a second service bay, which features a Spanish-made Istobal car wash. Istobal is popular with construction trucks and vans that don’t normally fit in a standard car wash, he said.

“The technology is so new, if it senses racks, it will work around them,” he said. “It is pressure sensitive.”

The Istobal unit uses a closed cell foam technology that actually touch the vehicle, buffing and polishing as it goes.

Touch Less also details and super washes cars using Rain-X, a clear coat protectant that keeps a car clean about 20 days during the rainy season, he said.

“In this area, the rain leaves a terrible film over the car,” he said. “If you go through the super wash, that gives a layer of protection that shields the car from dirt, bugs and everything. The rain bounces off the car.”

Maintaining the car during the winter helps not only one’s state of mind, but also the resale value of the car, said Erik Berkey, owner of the car wash.

“To upkeep your car, you have to spend a little money,” Berkey said. “But you get inside and detail the car three or four times per year and you get that money back when it comes time to sell the car.”

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