After 125 years, the Woodburn Independent is still going strong in this community, and we have the community to thank for its support over the years.

The Independent started with humble beginnings on Dec. 1, 1888, nine months before the city of Woodburn was even incorporated. L. McMahan was publisher and editor, and the first years of the paper read more like a gossip column about what the neighbors were doing more than actual news.

We’ve come a long way in 125 years. But we still hope we’re as much a part of the community as ever. It’s not been easy; we’ve had leadership changes here and there, but we’ve tried to maintain the quality product that Woodburnites expect and appreciate from its community newspaper.

It’s a common story to hear about the Internet takeover of information, with the scare that newspapers will soon be a thing of the past. But they said the same thing when the fax machine was invented. Technologies come and go, but the distribution of information will always have staying power. We’re a force in this community, and we’re not going away — hopefully not for another 125 years.

We invite you to celebrate our 125th anniversary with us. Write a letter to the editor stating what the paper means to you. We certainly appreciate our readers, who invite us into their homes and offices, who smile over our features, ogle at our hard news headlines and battle over the last available issue with the $10 off Safeway coupon. Like you, our readers, we are part of the community, we care about the things that happen around us, both the good and the bad, and we’re here to deliver that information to you for as long as you’re willing to support us.

So, may the news keep filtering in and may the readers keep supporting us.?Thank you for 125 years, Woodburn!

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