The Woodburn City Council and Mayor Kathy Figley honored two city employees at last week’s council meeting who received the Mary Tennant Award for Excellence in Public Service.

Linda Eubank and Teresa Timmons are both longtime employees at the Woodburn Police Department.

Eubank has worked for the city since June 27, 1986. She is credited with being instrumental in bringing the city and the police department into the technology age. Additionally, Eubank runs the by: LINDSAY KEEFER - Mayor Kathy Figley (left) presented the Mary Tennant Award for Excellence in Public Service to Linda Eubank at Nov. 25's Woodburn City Council meeting.records management system of the Hubbard, Mount Angel, Silverton and Stayton police departments.

“Linda is an extremely dedicated employee who when asked to do something, doesn’t say, ‘Why me,’ but ‘How can I help and how can I make it better,’” said WPD Chief Scott Russell in a statement from the city.

After serving as a volunteer in the police department’s evidence room, Timmons was hired by the city on July 1, 1994, and she has since brought the evidence system to a higher level of professionalism, according to Russell’s statement.

Her role in the evidence room is to gather the evidence properly, log it and keep track of it for years, or sometimes LINDSAY KEEFER - Mayor Kathy Figley (left) presented the Mary Tennant Award for Excellence in Public Service to Teresa Timmons at Nov. 25's Woodburn City Council meeting.

“Teresa’s system easily passes accreditation and audit standards and is above reproach in courts,” Russell said. “Every year in our audit, we’ll ask for a random piece of evidence and she knows exactly where it is. She has a vast amount of evidence and she is accountable for all of it.”

Mayor Figley presented the awards to the women at the Nov. 25 Woodburn City Council meeting, where they were greeted with a standing ovation.

“We are proud of our city employees who show up ready to work and take on the difficult challenges of serving our community day in and day out with personal and professional integrity,” said City Administrator Scott Derickson in a statement from the city. “Much of the work performed by our public servants goes unnoticed; but their contributions make a huge difference in the lives of our residents and the overall success of the Woodburn community. Without the dedication of our city employees, Woodburn would not be as strong of a community as we are today.”

The award is named for Mary Tennant, longtime city record who retired in 2009 after 35 years of service.

The purpose of the award, according to city officials, is to recognize outstanding public servants who demonstrate honesty, commitment, customer service and principles of community service.

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