Change not possible with current council

To the editor:

In regards to the letter from Mr. DeSantis (“Things must change with city leadership,” letter on Page 4 in Dec. 11 Woodburn Independent issue), you mentioned the word “change.” The Woodburn City Council does not embrace the word or its meaning. Change means to alter and getting them to alter their minds once it’s been made up is the problem. They don’t care what the citizenry thinks or care how to save our money.

We’ve had this discussion before with the opening of Fifth Street to the highway.

The citizens spoke out against this highly expensive proposal with discussions and petitions. And guess what, we lost!

Good luck when asking the Keystone Kops for change again.

Arnold Ponce


Woodburn growth not surprising

To the editor:

In the Woodburn Independent’s Dec. 4 article “Woodburn population increases one percent in one year” Woodburn’s population growth is compared to neighboring cities that are seeing only half to nearly none of the growth as our city, according to a Portland State University study. This was no surprise to us at the Woodburn School District.

The Woodburn School District has seen a 30 percent increase in its student population over the last 10 years an increase of 1,340 students. We began this school year with 5,778 students - 109 more than the 2012-13 school year.

Anyone who has walked the halls of our schools can see that we are beyond capacity. As our student population has grown, we haven’t had the resources to build new facilities to accommodate it.

As a school board member, every financial decision I make seeks to balance what is right for our community with what is best for our students. I feel the timing is right for a bond renewal now. The district is in a unique position with a bond retiring and approval of a renewed bond would not increase taxes for property owners. In May, the community will have a chance to vote on a bond measure that the district is developing.

If you haven’t seen the capacity constrictions in our schools firsthand, I’d encourage you to stop by and see for yourself. You can contact the district office at 503-981-9555 to arrange a personal tour.

Jody Daniels

Woodburn School Board Director

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