by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: GERT ZOUTENDIJK - LOFD firefighters prepare the ladder to help a trapped woman get down from a tram car below South Shore Boulevard.A woman caught in a tram on the side of a steep hill above Oswego Lake was rescued by the Lake Oswego Fire Department on Wednesday.

Firefighters responded to the scene at 1745 South Shore Blvd. after receiving a 911 call from the woman trapped in the tram, located 300 feet from her property. She was the lone occupant of the tram.

Investigators found that a large boulder had rolled down the hill sometime during the previous night and had damaged the deck and control panel of the tram. The tram was 70 feet from the bottom of the hill when it suddenly stopped and the emergency brake system activated. The tram was left 10 feet in the air on the track and 70 feet from the bottom of the hill.

LOFD firefighters used their rescue boat to reach the woman from the lake side and were able to coach her down a 14-foot tall ladder in order to get out of the tram car. Once she was out, a rope was attached to her so she could get down the hill and into the boat.

The woman, whose name was not reported, was taken to the Lake Corp office, then was able to go home. She was somewhat shaken up but not injured. The entire rescue operation took almost 45 minutes.

"It's rare to have an incident like this where we have to use two specialty rescues, the water rescue team and rope rescue team," said LOFD training chief Randy Hopkins. "It definitely shows that training for these situations works by how smooth the entire rescue went."

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