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by: Tribune File Photo, Two days after Police Chief Rosie Sizer challenged Mayor Sam Adams on his proposed budget, Adams assigned the bureau to himself and replaced Sizer with Michael Reese, the former commander of central and east precincts.

We're all so quick to judge Mayor Sam Adams for lying about a consensual sex scandal with an adult. I'm so tired of listening to people rag on him and I'm especially tired of non-Portlanders so loudly giving their opinions.

If Portland didn't want Mayor Adams, the recall(s) would have been effective. Obviously, change within the Portland Police Bureau was in dire need (Sizer out in police shakeup, May 13).

The police bureau is generally the mayor's job, and I commend Sam for giving it to Saltzman so he could focus on his strengths. But obviously, based on all the needless shootings and the general animosity toward the PPB, things had to change.

I liked Chief Sizer, but our mayor thinks change is necessary to progress, so I'll give him the benefit of a doubt and see how that works out.

Brittany Frost

Northeast Portland

Fix the police union instead

This is a shaky step for a shaky department (Sizer out in police shakeup, May 13). It's really too bad that they can't dismiss the Portland Police Bureau union at the same time - that is the step that would really help.

Mark Peterson

Southeast Portland

Sizer is a better leader than Adams

As the former chief negotiator (labor relations) for the city of Portland, I have to say Rosie Sizer is a fearless first-class dedicated professional (Sizer out in police shakeup, May 13).

I am not a cop, but my work was largely associated in working with the command staff of the Portland Police Bureau. Chief Sizer carefully balanced long-term goal achievement with the day-to-day realities of police work. For this, she was summarily removed by a tawdry self-confessed liar who long ago sold his political soul to influence brokers.

While I wish Chief Michael Reese well, the firing of Chief Sizer is yet another reflection of the politically clownish 'leadership' provided by Mayor Adams.

Rosie Sizer is a far, far better person and leader than the mayor can ever hope to become.

Ed Ruttledge

Olympia, Wash.

Police need our support and respect

What is 'heartbreaking,' Sam, is the appalling lack of support and second-guessing many in your city give the Portland Police Bureau (Sizer out in police shakeup, May 13).

Anywhere else in the state, or country for that matter, your officers would be given commendations for their work and at the least a little respect.

Madison Kelley


Why would anyone believe Sam Adams?

I read about the disagreement former Police Chief Rosie Sizer had with Mayor Sam Adams (Sizer out in police shakeup, May 13).

Hmmm, a police officer with more than 20 years experience laying her life on the line, vs. a self-admitted liar - one who actually went on TV and admitted he lied so he could become mayor of Portland.

I wonder who I should believe?

Patricia Stanek

Southeast Portland

New chief must clean up bureau mess

While out walking early last week, as I came near to City Hall I heard people singing 'Ding dong, the witch is gone,' and as I got to Pioneer Square I heard all the people singing 'Happy Days are here again …' Upon returning home and turning on the TV, I understood why all the rejoicing:

Way to go, Sam - you did us proud today and we're behind you on this long overdue cleanup at the Portland Police Bureau (Sizer out in police shakeup, May 13).

Let's hope the new guy, Chief (Michael) Reese, is a 'take names and kick butt' sort of manager who'll not flinch when he says 'Give me your gun and badge - you're fired!' to a lot of the rogues that must be very red-faced now.

Wow, this is great news.

Blaine Ray McMillan

Southwest Portland

Adams finally taking charge

I'm no fan of the mayor, but as of last Wednesday, he seems to be actually taking charge (Sizer out in police shakeup, May 13).

The police needed the shake up.

Geoff Hartnell

North Portland

Now, Sizer should run for mayor

I hope Rosie Sizer runs for mayor of Portland! I've got a donation ready for you, Rosie - run for mayor.

Quinn Annas


Portland gets what it deserves

Rosie Sizer is what you get when political correctness makes the decisions, and (Sam) Adams when Portlanders do. Both are less than mediocre talents and parasites on the public purse (Sizer out in police shakeup, May 13).

As long as Portlanders keep themselves ignorant of history and continue to believe that they are great and entitled to everything, the more the industrialists who run this place will win.

They count on human nature to rip you off in broad daylight - and with your smiling approval.

Read just the part of Orwell's 1984 about the march to thank Big Brother for the chocolate ration, which is what most Americans do each and every day.

Enjoy your government. You deserve it.

Charles Jimenez

Vancouver, Wash.

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