Thanks to Oregon Dogs Inc.

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Valerie Baker and her staff at Oregon Dogs Inc. for hosting the canine and feline first aid and CPR course.

Northwest Veterinary Specialists (who gave the lecture) were informative on how to deal with all kinds of pet emergencies.

With the many pets we all have here in Oregon, it's great to know that Oregon Dogs Inc. is committed to helping our community by keeping everyone informed.

Alexandra DiFrancesco

West Linn

Council rules not 'our rules'

To the Editor:

The West Linn City Council was entirely right to allow public testimony for council rules, except of course, Mayor Kovash, who disagreed.

At (last) Monday night's meeting, the council adopted new rules about how it will conduct meetings and make record of them. I believe the new rules will adversely affect citizen participation, but I almost didn't have the opportunity to communicate it to the council.

The council rules are not 'our rules,' as Mayor Kovash said, referring to the council. Council rules are the cornerstone of how our elected representatives will conduct business.

West Linn isn't your fiefdom, Mayor Kovash.

Karie Oakes

West Linn

(Editor's Note: According to city staff, this agenda item wasn't marked as a public hearing - which could include comments from the public. Upon discussion with the city attorney, taking Oakes' comment was up to the council's discretion at this meeting. Mayor John Kovash polled the city council and it was a 5 to 0 decision to take her testimony, at which time she gave feedback at the podium. The council rules define how the city council conducts business.)

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