Save our schools with the power of lemonade

To the Editor:

The following is an open letter to all Lake Oswego students:

My name is Annie and I'm a 10-year-old student at Uplands Elementary. When I learned that my school might close I was worried. Then I decided I needed to do something about it. I held a lemonade stand and earned $132 for the (Lake Oswego School) Foundation. I'm just one person but I earned over 100 dollars. You can do it too!

I'm writing this letter to challenge other students to raise money to save all of our schools. Together we can do it! Every dollar helps.

Thanks to my friends who helped me: Josie, Katherine, Sydney and Monroe. And thanks to my mom for helping me.

Annie Rodgers

Lake Oswego

Uplands Elementary Sschool

Barbershop is relocating, not staying in shopping center

To the Editor:

There is an article written by Cliff Newell in (last Thursday's) paper about the renovation of Lake Grove Shopping Center.

In the article he mentions that the barbershop is staying and that is incorrect. This is the second time, that we know of, that the Review has made this statement in articles concerning the renovation.

The truth is that Don's Specialized Barbering is relocating after more that 40 years in the Lake Grove Shopping Center. Our new location is 16066 Lower Boones Ferry Road, Suite E in the Lake Grove Plaza between Blockbuster and McDonalds only 0.1 miles northeast of old location. Our phone number will remain 503-636-7731.

We will be relocating by the end of March. We have been trying to communicate the relocation to our loyal customers and the statements in the Review are confusing the situation. We would appreciate you setting the record straight. Please feel free to contact us.

Joe Weber

Don's Specialized Barbering

Lake Oswego

Many reasons to vote for Audrey Monroe

To the Editor:

I am writing to recommend Audrey Monroe for LOSD Board Position 5.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Audrey on numerous school events and committees during the past 7 years. Her strong commitment to our schools, our children and the larger community is evident in her actions and level of direct involvement.

As Palisades PTO Board President, Audrey inspired others to work together toward common goals through her consensus-building management style. Her collaborative leadership fosters a sense of ownership in decisions and increased cooperation that drives problems toward a resolution and initiatives toward results. Audrey's calm, thoughtful and consistent approach also helped our school to move forward during a very difficult time.

Throughout her many leadership positions in the school and community, Audrey has consistently displayed an ability to generate new and fresh ideas. Never one to shy away from a difficult issue, she embraces the opportunity to work with others to develop optimal solutions.

I am proud to support Audrey Monroe for Lake Oswego School District Board Position 5. Audrey's enthusiasm, experience and comprehensive approach to problems and decisions would be a valuable asset to our school board.

Lori Faris

Lake Oswego

Berg commended for his column

To the Editor:

I was born in Oswego almost 80 years ago, so as an elder citizen, 'change' may be weighed more heavily.

Especially when I consider the cost of living in this community and how hard it's been for younger families to move here. I commend Dave Berg's citizen's view (March 10 in the Lake Oswego Review titled) 'How 3 R's impact our lives.'

It was a reminder of how invested Judie Hammerstad was in the WEB decision as mayor. It made me question even more the pro arguments for having a streetcar. I used to work in Portland and the bus ride to and from was always a pleasant part of my day .

I also like Dave Berg's support of our new city council and thank them, too, for their concern of being responsible to the citizens.

Loeta Moore McElwee

Lake Oswego

Monroe deserves LO's support

To the Editor:

I would like to encourage each and every one of you to vote for Audrey Monroe for Position 5 on the Lake Oswego School Board. As a past student, current parent and possibly a future grandparent in the Lake Oswego School District, I have great interest in the future of our schools. With our school district currently in turmoil it is imperative we have the best possible representation on the school board.

Having known Audrey for over 20 years, her unique ability for problem solving and inclusiveness will prove invaluable in the years ahead. She is a friend who has exhibited amazing organizational skills, taken on numerous leadership roles and, above all, remained steadfast in her beliefs. Her children and their education remain at the top of her priority list.

As PTO President Audrey displayed a thoughtful, analytical and objective approach in decision-making. These characteristics will be beneficial on the school board.

Our exceptional schools are what set Lake Oswego apart from other communities. All of our children will benefit by having Audrey Monroe represent them on the Lake Oswego School Board.

Tracey Hanson

Lake Oswego

Vote Audrey Monroe for Position 5

To the Editor:

Audrey Monroe will be an excellent addition to the Lake Oswego School Board.

In this time of economic uncertainty, we must be especially careful to select the right individuals to serve on the school board as their decisions will have a lasting impact on the community at large. We trust her ability to think critically and examine all information objectively when approaching decisions. She will also bring the important ability to consider others' points of view and to work collaboratively. These are vital skills for a school board member. In our current budget crisis, there is no margin for error.

We have had the opportunity to know Audrey Monroe for more than 15 years and have always found her to be a principled and thoughtful person.

Upon hearing that she was going to run for the school board, we thought she would be an excellent candidate and we all would be privileged to have her serve our community in that capacity. Please join us in voting for Audrey Monroe for Position 5.

Brett and Krista Okoneski

Lake Oswego

Tennis community is larger than LO

To the Editor:

The recent letters in the Review summed up the new tennis center situation so precisely. The facility won't compete with Lake Oswego schools or any other beneficiary for city funds because it will be aid for entirely by the tennis community.

The local tennis community is comprised of many residents, myself included, from surrounding cities like West Linn, Tualatin, Tigard and Southwest Portland.

I have been playing at LOTC for over 10 years. Tennis and the friends I have made through tennis are a big part of my life.

Let's move forward now and take advantage of low bond rates and construction costs.

Sandie Yamauchi

West Linn

Those in charge have to say 'no'

To the Editor:

I've lived in Lake Oswego for most of my 74 years. I've lived a pretty good life. I've liked having the good things. But sometimes I have had to say 'no' because I knew that I could not afford the cost.

That has been hard for me to do to my family. That will be hard for government to say to its constituents.

I think that's where a lot of the people of Lake Oswego are, but the problem is that a lot of the people aren't speaking up. They are too involved in the pace of their own hectic lives to speak up on what government is doing. So government keeps doing, and finally the people find they can't afford what government has done for/to them.

But the people can't stop the spending. Government has to slow down the spending. That's where we are on the streetcar. Those running the government have to say 'no,' because the future impact is going to be too expensive based on the benefits.

Don Nash

Lake Oswego

Vote Monroe for LOSD board

To the Editor:

I support Audrey Monroe for LOSD Board, Position 5.

I enjoy getting to know people and discovering who they are on a personal and professional basis. I have known Audrey for over 10 years and she has been very successful in her leadership roles.

I know Audrey will serve LOSD very well. She is dedicated, a great listener, financially astute and very level-headed individual who will help weigh the pros and cons of some very difficult decisions that need to made. With a $13 million budget deficit over the next biennium, our district is faced with arduous choices. Will we close one, two or perhaps three elementary schools? Will we move sixth grade students to the junior highs? What, if any, programs will be sacrificed or modified to save money?

The choices made by school board members will have serious ramifications in the short and long term for students and the community.

As the parent of elementary school children and a citizen of Lake Oswego, I am especially watchful of our current situation as these decisions will directly impact my family. I have seen Audrey in leadership roles and I trust her decision-making process.

I hope you will join me in voting for Audrey Monroe.

Kelly Stelk


Home Certified, Inc.

Lake Oswego

Packwood column didn't go far enough

To the Editor:

Does it seem fair to everyone that the 'Fabian Four' (socialism by easy, gradual stages) would commit taxpayers to $458 million (for a streetcar) without a vote by the citizens who would be most effected?

Bob Packwood's citizen's view (in the March 3 Lake Oswego Review) was right on, but should have added the following:

1. The government has never come in under budget, and a solid bet would be for the costs to be a lot higher than $458 million (such a big number but worth repeating). Think higher taxes for the citizens (old, young, middle age).

2. The folly of the stated 'congestion relief,' when one considers that (according to their numbers) a ridership of 11,500 will be parking in the 'gigantic garage' with approximately 7,600 (1 1/2 riders per car) being dumped onto State Street during the day, compared to the 2,400 by their calculations. This will be the Albertson's Albatross.

3. The 'intense development in the Foothills and every Lake Oswego neighborhood' should be considered by the effect on the light rail in east Portland. The result of massive construction along and near the Burnside corridor has dramatically changed the demographics and the livability in those areas. The 'affordable housing efforts' sought by a few may sound good, but all should be concerned about all the consequences.

It would seem to me that the 'four' would consider the right vote to be the vote of all the taxpayers who would bear the burden for the $458 million and the future maintenance and upgrade cost (taxes) in the future.

Is it fair to all concerned? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

A vote in November should be the deciding factor in a democracy.

John Woodworth

Lake Oswego

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