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San Francisco’s Blame Sally perform Dec. 12 at the Alberta Rose Theatre.

Dec. 9

Classical collaborations

NEW MUSICS is a new quarterly series combining classical musicians with contemporary electronic composers. The inaugural evening will feature Classical Revolution PDX, which believes 'chamber music is for everyone.' In other words, they're trying to get the cellos out of concert halls and into the clubs. They'll be stringing the audience along with a variety of experimental sound and dance artists, so this show will either blow your mind or cause you to boycott public radio forever. Either way, it's a bold experiment that should be applauded and we hope replicated elsewhere.

Classical Revolution PDX, Copy, Matt Carlson, Daniel Menche, Thomas Thorson, E*Rock, 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 9, Holocene, 1001 S.E. Morrison St. $7. Info: 503-239-7639,

Dec. 10

Space is the place

Four electronic music artists, one idea: to use sound waves to get bodies bouncin'. First up, The Polish Ambassador, aka Ample Mammal, who insists he represents Warsaw and surrounding environs to the universe. His Excellency creates music out of six gazillion samples of original drums, bass, synthesizer, and vocals and gets funky, jungly and dubby. Next up is Portland's Copy, aka Marius Libman, who combines everything from classic synth pop and disco to electronica and hip-hop, with a nice ear for melody. Then we've got Futuristic Soul Sister Natasha Kmeto, a rich-voiced singer and electronic musician who explores the soundscapes of hip-hop, R and B, soul, your brain's more interesting waves and all the rave parties you wished you went to. Rounding out the evening is DJ Cory O, electro-bluesy breakbeat dub-lover.

The Polish Ambassador, Copy, Natasha Kmeto, DJ Cory O, 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 10, Branx, 320 S.E. Second Ave. $8 in advance, $10 at the door. All ages. Info:

Dec. 11

Low blow into town

It's been a high year for Low. The Duluth, Minn., slowcore band -Alan Sparhawk on vocals and guitar harmonizing with his wife, Mimi Parker, on vocals and drums, and Matt Livingston on bass and vocals - were covered not once but twice by Robert Plant on his Grammy-nominated 'Band of Joy' album. Meanwhile, Plant's cover of Low's 'Silver Rider' also grabbed a Grammy nomination. Not bad for an hardworking alternative band and critics' darling. They share the stage with fellow Minnesotan, the old school bluesy country boy Charlie Parr, who'd be worth the price of admission alone.

Low, Charlie Parr, 9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 11, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N. Mississippi Ave. $16. Info: 503-288-3895,

Dec. 12

Girls gone wild

San Francisco based all-female band Blame Sally look like a group of soccer moms who went out for coffee one afternoon, decided instead to get smashed at a blues bar, then looked at each other and said 'to hell with the minivans and mortgages, let's jam!' The result is a folksy, rootsy, poppy melodic group of singers who would appeal to fans of soft rock, country, ballads and sweet harmonies. Featuring Pam Delgado on percussion and guitar, Renee Harcourt on guitar, bass, banjo and harmonica, Jeri Jones on guitar, bass, dobro and mandolin and Monica Pasqual on piano, keys, accordion and melodica, they're one of the nation's hidden musical treasures, so don't overlook them.

Blame Sally, 8 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 12, Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 N.E. Alberta St. $15. Minors must be accompanied by parent. Info: 503-427-8201,

Dec. 16

Alpha rockers

Bartender Rebecca Dant has Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency, a rare genetic disease found in the blood that attacks the liver and lungs. So some local garage, country, metal and rock bands are getting together to help her boogie away her blues by raising funds for her medical care and living expenses. You can help, too, and enjoy the rock 'n' roll sounds of White Orange, The Empty, Tricks, The Iron Tide, Growler, The Greater Midwest and Gorilla Monsoon.

Rock 'n' roll fundraiser, 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec 16, Ash St. Saloon, 225 S.W. Ash St. $5. Additional donations accepted. Info: 503-226-0430,

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