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Wu challengers get energized

David Wu, the embattled Democrat who holds Oregon's 1st Congressional District seat, now has a couple of challengers for the 2012 nomination.

Political gadfly and perennial candidate Pavel Goberman sent an e-mail Monday telling potential supporters that he planned to run for the Democratic nomination next spring against 'useless and corrupted' Wu.

'I'm honest, incorruptible, with faith, integrity and high moral principles and do not accept any donation, contribution from no one, and will not lose my dependency on We the People,' Goberman wrote.

Hillsboro businessman Stephan Andrew Brodhead plans to seek the GOP nomination for the U.S. House seat.

Goberman grew up in Russia and was a member of the Soviet Army in the late 1950s. Today he runs a health and fitness program called 'Get Energized!' from his Beaverton home.

In the past 10 years, Goberman has campaigned unsuccessfully for a post on the Beaverton School Board, the 1st Congressional District seat, the state labor commissioner's job, the U.S. Senate in 2008 and, in 2010, the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Ron Wyden. Goberman's 2010 campaign committee was called 'Stop the Media and Political Prostitutions.'

Convention Center Hotel back on the table

Metro President Tom Hughes has revived discussions about building a headquarters hotel near the Oregon Convention Center, and he's surprised by the reaction he's getting.

'People see me coming and they run the other way,' Hughes jokes.

Hughes is referring to the controversy that swirled around the last effort to build a hotel across the street from the center. Metro spent millions of dollars trying to figure out how to finance a 600-room hotel on two blocks owned by the city of Portland. Talks collapsed in September 2009 after Metro, the city and Multnomah County could not agree how to finance the $225 million publicly owned project. Hughes is willing to consider a smaller hotel or a phased project if that's what it takes.

Even some of the previous opponents are interested in what Hughes is thinking. The last time around, a number of area hotel owners hired lobbyist Len Bergstein to fight the project, but now Bergstein says they want to be included in any new discussions.

'I think there's a feeling that Hughes knows how to get things done right,' Bergstein says.

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