City, PGE workers thanked for efforts

To the Editor:

I want to thank all of the city's employees for their responsiveness and hard work during the winter storm this past week.

I know that the city has limited resources to deal with the volume of snow that we received - and I know that everyone did the best they could with the resources they had at their disposal. I want to specifically thank the city manager, the Public Works Department, the PGE crews who worked around the clock to restore power and the Police Department.

For every city and PGE employee who risked personal injury to be there for our community - thank you.

I also want to extend a personal thank you to Officer Oliver - who was there on hands and knees with me as we dug out neighbor after neighbor who was stuck on the hill. He spent hours with me out there digging people out - helping them get safely home. Officer Oliver is an outstanding example of the dedication that our city employees have for our great community.

Todd Tomlinson

Lake Oswego

Garbage pickup was disappointing

Allied Waste should be fired.

The mail carrier got through. The Oregonian carrier got through. FedEx got through. UPS got through. I even got through - in my 2-wheel drive, unchained car.

Let's get a hauler with a can-do attitude.

Greg Byrne

Lake Oswego

Snow removal left much to be desired

To the Editor:

I am a taxpayer who does not require much from my local government except public safety and good street maintenance.

In the past two weeks, the Lake Oswego street department let the local citizens down. We were unable to spend Christmas with our families because we couldn't drive the streets to the freeway. Mail wasn't delivered and garbage wasn't picked up. Not only was this an inconvenience it was a safety issue. If you had an emergency it was impossible to get out. Medicine we ordered on overnight express wasn't delivered for seven days due to street conditions.

When I inquired with the mayor about the situation she didn't have the answer except this doesn't happen that often so they weren't prepared. Earthquakes don't happen that often, but cities prepare for them. When the city councilors put their budget together they should first budget things they are constitutionally responsible for. If there is money left over they can build their street dividers and plant trees.

I thought it interesting that grocery stores and office buildings were able to plow their parking lots. Most private businesses were able to perform their services under difficult conditions. The three services people depend on - street maintenance, mail delivery and garbage pick-up - are government run or heavily unionized. Maybe it is time to privatize these very important services.

Karen Grimm

Lake Oswego

WEB parking lot vs. the streets of LO

To the Editor:

I am angry about the use of city resources in this latest snowstorm.

It's the day after Christmas and neighborhood streets are still hazardous. Retailers are hurt because of the inaccessible streets, post office personnel cannot get through for mail deliveries, which may include prescription medication.

Others I am aware of were trapped in their homes without power for hours and could not leave because their street had not yet been plowed.

And yet, as I fought my way in my car over terrible snow-rutted roads to Carman Oaks Assisted Living Center to see my mother on Christmas Eve Day, I noticed the completely empty West End Building parking lot had no snow whatsoever and was bone dry, obviously having been salted. It made me angry, so I took a picture. Attached are pictures taken on Dec. 24 of the West End parking lot and the street in front of my house. The street in front of my house has not yet been plowed or salted, and it is now Dec. 26.

I'd like some answers, and please don't tell me that this is the worst snowstorm in 40 years, and Lake Oswego doesn't have the resources, because I know how limited resources have been allocated. I've seen the West End building parking lot.

Bruce Preslan

Lake Oswego

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