Outfielder Crowe expected to miss entire 2011 campaign
by: J. MERIC Trevor Crowe, Cleveland Indians outfielder from Westview High, is expected to miss the season because of rotator-cuff surgery.

GOODYEAR, Ariz. - Trevor Crowe's 2011 season appears over before it gets started.

The Cleveland outfielder is expected to have surgery to repair his right rotator cuff and will miss the entire season, which begins Friday for the Indians against the Chicago White Sox.

'I've been playing with a banged-up shoulder for so long, it will be good to finally get it fixed,' says the former Westview High standout, who hit .251 in 122 games for the Indians last season.

The injury affected Crowe 'throughout the whole year last season,' he says. 'It wasn't terrible, but something I was able to manage. The best way to describe it is, it kind of slowly deteriorated.

'When you're hurt during a season, It's a weird thing, playing every day. Your body doesn't feel pain anymore. But once the offseason started, it never felt right, even with all the rehab I was doing.'

In October, the 5-10, 190-pound Crowe underwent surgery to remove bone chips from his right elbow.

'The elbow is 100 percent,' he says. 'That feels great.'

Crowe, 27, has been in Arizona since spring training began, but has been unable to play. After seeing Indian medical specialists, he came to the conclusion that surgery on the shoulder was the best solution. But it causes him to lose an entire season.

'That sucks,' Crowe says. 'In the short term, it's devastating. I have to focus on the fact that I'm doing this for my career, and not just have to limp through another season.'

Crowe's future with Cleveland is unclear. The Indians have a full complement of outfielders this season, including rehabbing former star Grady Sizemore, holdovers Shin-Soo Choo and Michael Brantley and offseason acquisitions Austin Kearns, Chad Hoffman and Travis Buck.

'That's tough,' Crowe says. 'Things change so much year to year. If a guy is away for a year, he can get lost. But if I'm healthy, I'm going to be in some team's plans' in 2012.

Crowe will spend most of the season in Cleveland, rehabbing his shoulder. He intends to spend a good deal of the offseason, though, in Portland.

'I'll be living with my parents, just like in high school,' he says with a laugh.

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