We've seen murders solved - a lot of them, in fact - in less time than it is taking Oregon Attorney General John Kroger to investigate just how deeply Portland Mayor Sam Adams lied about his sexual relationship with teenager Beau Breedlove.

As Kroger's investigation passes the four-month mark, citizens are wondering why this process is taking so long. Is it because Kroger and his staff are uncovering new information? Or, is it because they're still searching but coming up empty-handed? We also must wonder whether this investigation of the leader of Oregon's largest city is receiving top priority.

The answer to all those questions will come only when the attorney general releases his findings.

Concluding this inquiry is important. Citizens need closure. So do city staff and the operations of City Hall - both of which are unsettled as questions regarding the Adams scandal remain unresolved.

The AG's probe also will affect the outcome of a recall effort against Adams, and that's all the more reason to finish this business soon.

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