Our Opinion

With the support of big-name business leaders such as Tim Boyle of Columbia Sportswear and possibly automobile sales giant Ron Tonkin, the renewed campaign to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams just might have more credibility than we originally thought.

Adding to the campaign's legitimacy is the involvement of former state Sen. Avel Gordly - a thoughtful and well-respected Portland-area leader.

However, even with strong leadership and the promise of better financial support, a second recall attempt against Adams remains an uphill battle. For starters, business support for the campaign can be both a benefit and a hindrance. Business people may be able to raise enough money to collect the necessary signatures to force a recall vote. But when it comes to the actual election, Adams could play the anti-business card that has worked so well in the past for some Portland-area candidates.

We still favor the idea of "calling the question," as Boyle put it when he confirmed that he would be part of the campaign to force the Adams issue onto a ballot. But we continue to believe that it will be difficult to jettison Adams from office, at least until his first term is completed.

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