by: CHRISTOpher Onstott After beating Dallas in Game 3 with his fantastic finish, Brandon Roy's thoughts immediately turned to what adjustments the Mavericks might make in Monday night's Game 4.

DALLAS - Brandon Roy looked fit and rested as he prepared to take part in the Trail Blazers' practice session Sunday night at American Airlines Center.

Roy slept nine restful hours following one of the greatest games of his career, leading Portland to its historic 84-82 Game 4 victory over Dallas at the Rose Garden.

The three-time All-Star didn't want the night to end early, but shut-eye was in the offing as soon as he returned to his Tualatin home following the game.

'I was emotionally drained,' Roy said after scoring 18 points of his 24 points in the fourth quarter in leading Portland from a 23-point deficit to victory. 'When I got home, I was trying to stay up a little longer, because I knew once I woke up, I'd have to turn the page on it. But I laid down at around 10 (p.m.), and the next thing you know, it was 7 in the morning.'

Roy said he received more than 50 phone calls and text messages of congratulations Saturday night.

'Family, friends, ex-coaches, teammates - some of the numbers, I don't even know who texted me,' he said with a laugh. 'I had signs on my gate from neighbors that said things like, 'We never doubted you,' and 'We always loved you.' It was cool coming home to that.'

Best thing was, when Roy woke up, his mind was working forward, not backward.

'I was thinking about what we are going to do in Game 5,' he said. 'The first thing that came to mind was, 'OK, what are (the Mavericks) going to do to adjust to defending me?' That's been my thought the whole day.

'Also, is Dallas going to be emotionally impacted by how they lost? My mind shifted naturally to Game 5. It's maybe a sign of my maturity, having played a few playoff series now, and understanding that even though we won games 3 and 4, we can't let down now.'

After being guarded primarily by guards Jason Kidd and Jason Terry the first three games of the series, Roy was defended by 6-8 forward Shawn Marion most of the way Saturday. Roy ate up Marion, shooting over the top at times, then driving to the basket and either scoring on a layup or a step-back jumper.

'When I saw Marion on me, I decided I was going to play it little different than if Kidd or Terry's guarding me,' Roy said. The Mavericks 'will adjust in Game 5, but I don't know exactly how. I've gone against a number of their guys. I'll worry about what they're going do a little bit, but I'll focus on what I have to do a lot more.'

Dallas coach Rick Carlisle sounded as if he has a defensive adjustment in mind during his postgame remarks Saturday.

'I'm going to take the blame for a lot of' Roy's fourth-quarter outburst, Carlisle said. 'There are different things defensively we could have done. We should have done some different things.'

Roy said he will try to be an emotional leader for his teammates as they get ready for Monday night.

'We fought so hard to win Game 4,' he said. 'I'm going to keep talking to the guys that this is how you win a series.

'We've all been saying we want to win a first-round series, but it's hard. I mean, it's really hard. You get there, and you're thinking, 'Maybe we can't,' but you keep on pushing through. And now we're on track to do something special.'

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