by: CHRISTOPHER ONSTOTT The Oregon Progressive Party along with many local community groups oppose rejoining the Joint Terrorist Task Force by protesting at Portland City Hall Thursday afternoon.

Dozens of protesters opposed to the city working with FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force rallied outside City Hall early Thursday afternoon before the City Council took up the issue.

Alaina Melville of the Oregon Progressive Party said the group was opposed to the most recent resolution by Mayor Sam Adams, calling it vague and predicting that it would not prevent the task force from spying on law-abiding citizens because of their political or religious beliefs.

'It seems to have even few civil rights protections than some of the earlier versions,' said Melville, operation director for the independent political party.

Signs carried by some of the protesters accused the FBI of targeting anti-war protesters.

The council hearing began at 2 p.m. and was supposed to last about four hours.

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