The Old Spaghetti Factory corporation will open 2 restaurants with a Southwestern flair

A restaurant will be added to the commercial attractions of both West Linn and Lake Oswego that is 'like no other,' according to Operations Manager Gary Sheperd.

In West Linn, the Central Village commercial space overlooking Starbucks, Market of Choice and the post office is being transformed into a restaurant.

The second-floor space is being remodeled into the long-awaited Blue Sage Café, which is owned and operated by OSF International, the same corporation that operates the Old Spaghetti Factory restaurants.

The Blue Sage Café also will be developed on Monroe Street in the Mountain Park area of Lake Oswego, according to Sheperd.

But the Blue Sage Café will not resemble any Old Spaghetti Factory because the cuisine is different and the atmosphere will be unlike the corporation's anchor.

The cuisine at the West Linn and Lake Oswego restaurants will be alike, and Sheperd describes them as 'American fare with a Southwestern flair.'

'We'll be under a Southwest influence,' Sheperd said, 'using peppers and oils and spices to create a Southwest idea of food. At Blue Sage, you'll find good food and good service.'

The menu was developed under the leadership of OSF Corporate Chef Pascal Chureau.

The name Blue Sage, Sheperd says, is reminiscent of the Southwest, where sagebrush is a native plant.

When Central Village was being developed, the West Linn restaurant (unidentified at that time) was touted to become the anchor of the shopping center - with its central location overlooking the entire area. Sheperd says Blue Sage will fill that bill.

'We're well into planning the menu and the décor,' Sheperd said last week. 'It will be like nothing else you've seen in Portland or anywhere - that's for sure. It will all come together nicely.'

The Blue Sage Café should open in West Linn, according to Sheperd, 'sometime in mid to late February.' The Lake Oswego restaurant, he said, would open after the West Linn facility.

'We want to be a neighborhood restaurant,' Sheperd said, 'and we're hoping that people will welcome us into the neighborhood. We're looking to do a really good job and take care of everybody in the West Linn, Lake Oswego areas.'

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