School board's tax irresponsible

To the Editor:

The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board's decision to authorize a construction tax on all new residential and commercial developments within its territorial boundaries is another example of irresponsibility on the part of the school board.

The increase of taxes on new residential construction of $1 per square foot will add a minimum of $2,000 to $3,000 in taxes per year per residential property. The construction tax will not exceed $25,000 on any single structure. This is outrageous. The school district is already receiving over 44 percent of the property tax revenue per residential property.

According to Superintendant Roger Woehl, the new tax revenue is expected to generate an additional $500,000 annually for the school district and 'will barely scratch the surface of the district's financial needs.' Roger Woehl further quotes, 'it will help with capital issues like technology and furniture.' Apparently, the theft of $25,000 of school district property including TVs, monitors, VCRs, DVDs, etc., will be offset with the construction tax.

Let's review some facts: 1) the school district had a carry forward of $500,000 from the previous budget year, 2) the property tax revenues without the construction tax will increase by more than $1 million for 2007-2008, 3) the state school fund is projected to increase by $4.4 million and 4) the school district will receive between $29 - $31 million from the sale of two unneeded properties. Additionally, according to Board Member Mary Furrow, the excise tax will in no way replace the $91 million bond measure that will be on the ballot in 2008.

Enough is enough.

There will never be sufficient funds to satisfy the school board and Woehl's administration, even though revenues have increased. I believe it is time to reign in the school board and Woehl, which has not displayed good financial management at the taxpayer's expense. The latest construction tax is not targeted specifically for the students and improving their test scores but on technology and furniture.

Brian Bittke

West Linn

Reader urges coyote restraint

To the Editor:

People, people, people. Stop calling the police about coyotes.

These are among the most adaptable of urban wildlife and are here to stay. Get used to it, get over it or move.

They pose zero danger to you or your children and the report of being held 'hostage' in your home is ridiculous.

Where are you people from? I've lived around coyotes all my life in Arizona, Texas and now here. I see them in our neighborhood all the time.

It doesn't keep me in my house. I don't worry about my safety. And I certainly do not call the police.

I resent my tax money being spent that way and I urge the city council and police chief to find a way to legally ignore these calls and go back to doing something important.

Edward Broyles

West Linn

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