Multnomah County's hopes for a local vehicle-registration fee to help pay for replacing the deteriorating Sellwood Bridge have hit a pocket of resistance in Troutdale.

Ted Wheeler, the county chairman, has been working - as required by state law - to earn endorsements from all 11 cities or other jurisdictions that overlap with Multnomah County as he seeks to put the proposed fee on the May ballot.

But after two trips to Troutdale, county officials still haven't persuaded the City Council there to support a $15 to $27 per year fee that primarily would be used to replace the aging Sellwood Bridge.

Troutdale ought to reconsider its position. Wheeler isn't asking the City Council to inflict harm upon its constituents or to accept something that would be detrimental to the community.

Rather, he is giving Troutdale - and all the other jurisdictions - a chance to cooperate in solving a regional transportation problem that goes well beyond a given city's boundaries.

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