New Year starts with a bang for Howard Bess at The Country

Howard Bess of Estacada got the New Year off to a great start, by claiming a $73,995 Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus Multiplier prize on Jan. 2.

Bess played five consecutive games at The Country Restaurant and Lounge. He used the Quick Pick method to select his winning set of numbers. Bess also selected the Keno Multiplier option, which gives a player the chance to win up to 10 times the prize.

In the fifth game on his ticket, Bess matched all eight of his numbers for a $15,000 prize. The Keno Multiplier drawn for the game was '2,' multiplying his prize to $30,000. Bess also won an eight-spot Rolling Jackpot Bonus of $43,995, for a total prize of $73,995.

The Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus feature gives Oregon Lottery Keno players the chance, at no extra cost, to automatically win a cumulative jackpot bonus when matching all of their numbers on a six- seven- or eight-spot ticket.

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