Barbara Adams leaves Estacada News after three-plus years

The Jan. 28 issue of the Estacada News will be my last as part-time reporter. After writing for this publication for the past three years and eight months, I've decided it's time for me to go. I've worked two jobs for a good 12 years, and I'm ready to take a breather-to actually have time to reflect ... and do the dishes ... pull weeds ... be a mom.

I have really enjoyed becoming part of the Estacada community through my work at the paper. What I will miss most is the people I've grown to know and care about. You are the greatest gift of this time I've spent, and I will carry you with me throughout the rest of my life.

It's interesting, sometimes, the impact a little story can have. During the fall of 2006, I wrote a story about the Mason Building, which was up for sale. I thought it was a story worth telling because the Masons are part of Estacada's history, and the selling of their building is part of things changing-though one organization dwindles in size, its building still remains. Tom Wille of Oregon City read the article and as a result, purchased it. Today five businesses have moved into the beautifully restored Mason Building, part of the revitalization that is taking place now in downtown Estacada. I like to think I played a small part in that.

What I've really enjoyed is telling the stories of people who might otherwise not have their story told. The woman who raises Shetland sheep, the man who has an exotic reptile collection, the student who is recognized by a caring teacher, and post office workers who donate their time to handicapped children-what a great job I've had! It's been a pleasure telling these stories.

Please stop by Barbara's Flowers and Coffee Friday, Feb. 1 between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to say goodbye to me. It's on the same night as the First Friday artist reception at the Spiral Gallery next door. Afterwards, visit the gallery and see the latest works of Phil Lingelbach, the maker of those beautiful hand carved wood spoons, and meet the creative people who have brought a real touch of elegance to your city.

The bad thing about not working for the paper is that I will no longer be a part of your community. It's been my work that has brought me here, into your businesses and homes. This will be a great loss for me. Although I don't live in Estacada, I've grown to feel part of the working community, and through that, part of the larger community. I will mourn the loss of you in my life, but hope to continue the relationship through visits during the Summer Celebration and other annual and occasional events.

I am so grateful for this time I've spent in Estacada. There are so many amazing people here-the energy is growing. Can you feel it?

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