Nonprofit says city violated federal, state, anti-discrimination laws by revoking Connell House permit

Luke-Dorf Inc. of Tigard has appealed the city of Cornelius' revocation of a conditional-use permit for the organization's Connell House, saying that the revocation runs afoul of the federal Fair Housing Act and state discrimination laws.

The city revoked the group's permit for the Connell House on Jan. 11, saying the facility, at 117 N. 29th Ave., was substantially different from what the group said they would build when they obtained a conditional-use permit from the city in March.

But the nonprofit refuted the claim in its appeal letter Tuesday, Jan. 22, saying that the facility isn't different from what the group described to the city planning commission.

Luke-Dorf also asserts that the city's revocation was an improper interpretation of state law, violated the city's process for revocation, and violates non-discrimination laws.

The group wrote that 'ultimately, the City's revocation decision is also erroneous because it fails to recognize that the use that is occurring at the Facility is the use that was proposed and that the continued operation of the Facility is protected by the federal Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities and Rehabilitation Acts.'

The city Planning Commission will hear the matter at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18.

If the Planning Commission affirms the decision to revoke the permit, the group could appeal the commission's decision to the City Council.

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