Retail 2
by: Marcus Hathcock, Chances are, food will be for sale at this retail spot at Highway 26 and Bluff Road.

The Walgreens project is progressing quite nicely at the corner of Highway 26 and Bluff Road, but the smaller, similar-looking building next to it - known as 'Retail 2' - has been the subject of much speculation and query.

We're often asked: What is going in the Retail 2 building? We asked the person in charge of leasing the space, Associate Broker Melissa Darm of C.B. Richard Ellis.

She says the firm is negotiating with three businesses interested in occupying the 2,200-square-foot building.

C.B. Richard Ellis won't say which companies want the key gateway retail space - they're sworn to secrecy until a deal is finalized - but it includes a cell phone provider, one sit-down restaurant and a 'quick service' eatery.

Both restaurants reportedly are recognizable brands: one is regional, the other national.

The Retail 2 building is expected to be finished mid-March, so the announcement of the tenant should occur sometime around then.

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