Troutdale Police determined that marijuana plants at a Troutdale resident's house where a fire was reported were legal, according to Oregon Medical Marijuana Act guidelines.

Gresham Fire and Rescue personnel responded to a fire in the 2800 block of South Troutdale Road around 3:12 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22. While dealing with a minor fire likely caused by a wood stove, the resident advised firefighters of the marijuana grow related to his medical marijuana card, according to Troutdale Police officials.

The resident was awakened by a smoke alarm. When he woke and discovered smoke, he called 9-1-1, and opened doors and windows to clear the air, said Sgt. Joel Wendland of the Troutdale Police Department.

Responding Troutdale officers determined the number of marijuana plants was within Medical Marijuana Program guidelines and took no enforcement action. The grow was not related to the fire, according to a police report.

'The homeowner told (firefighters) when they arrived it was in there,' Wendland said. 'The plants were in the stages they were supposed to be in. He wasn't in violation of his card.'

According to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Web site, a patient, primary caregiver and grower may possess in combination up to 24 ounces of useable medical marijuana and up to six mature plants and 18 seedlings.

The patient decides where their medicinal marijuana will be kept and can choose to store the entire 24 ounces at their location.

The person responsible for the marijuana grow site must have the 'grow site registration card' posted at all times at the location where the marijuana is being produced.

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