Forest Grove residents say they like small-town feel, but many also welcome growth

For the past two weeks, News-Times readers have been chiming in on the future of Forest Grove.

What do residents like about the city now? What would they like to see change? Well, now you can find out.

Here [link] are the results of our on-line survey. More than 300 residents chimed in. Most said that they like the "small-town feel of the community, though they'd like to see more restaurants and shopping in town. In that respect, the anticipated population growth doesn't worry them so much, as long as it's planned for. Of course others disagreed completely.

Under each result, there's a 'view' button that allows you read the comments left by respondents. Disagree with someone's assessment of the city? Feel free to add comments below this story.

A few caveats:

First, this is not a scientific poll. It's a snapshot of the opinions of people who were motivated enough to fill out the survey.

Second, this was our first attempt at a survey and our wording on the ranking questions was a bit confusing, clouding the results of those questions a bit.

Finally, we tried to keep the survey short so people could finish it without cashing in their vacation pay. That brevity forced us to leave out a lot of topics, but we'd like to do more of these surveys, if readers are game.

If you've got ideas for topics, or if you're a western Washington County resident living outside of Forest Grove that would like to see a similar survey conducted for your community, let us know in the comments section.

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