Forest Grove has stake in stopping pipeline project

The Forest Grove OCAP (Oregon Citizens Against the Pipeline) organization would like to thank the Forest Grove City Council for its interest in the proposed liquid natural gas problems.

Thankfully, Councilman Pete Truax has stated why Forest Grove citizens should be concerned. Grovers may think the issue does not pertain to them. Nevertheless, consider these two issues:

•The pipeline would be near the Tillamook Forest. Thousands of local people, including myself, helped replant that oft-burned area. We do not need to see that beautiful forest burned again because of a pipeline. If this happened, Forest Grove would again be in the path of ash and smoke from a huge forest fire. Older residents remember too well the darkened and smoky skies.

•We as a nation must try to reduce our dependence on foreign energy. The LNG pipelines are being pushed by foreign investors (read 'to make money') selling natural gas from the East and Middle East. Three-fourths of the gas would go directly to California. Any gas sold in Oregon would be more expensive due to huge shipping and transportation costs.

What can you do to stop the pushy encroachment? Write and call your government representatives. Tell them to say 'no' to LNG. Please help us save our environment and our natural resources. Would you want a gas pipeline running through your property?

Carolyn Azure

Forest Grove OCAP

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