by: SARAH TOOR, In a place with so many locally made beers — some of which come from employee-owned breweries, such as Hood River’s Full Sail — one reader says it’s ridiculous that people claim to prefer the “corporate swill” of Pabst instead of a real “beer of the working man.”

Regarding 'Thirsty, creative Portlanders save a lucky lager from the graveyard' (Jan. 25), there should be a backlash against Pabst in Portland.

It shocks me that, in a city that has had an aversion to corporate products (remember when the Starbucks on Division was firebombed, or the proposed McDonald's on Hawthorne was protested?) and has an international reputation as 'Beervana,' Pabst is popular at all.

It is a pet peeve of mine that folks drink Pabst because it's the 'beer of the working man' when it's owned by an international corporation no longer even based in Milwaukee, as advertised, but in San Antonio.

In fact, the beer is brewed by contract by Miller Brewing, which is owned by South African Breweries-Miller.

Over the years, SABMiller has snatched up hundreds of local breweries, such as our city's former Henry Weinhard's Brewery, putting local workers out of work.

In Portland, one needs to make an effort not to drink beer made by someone living in your neighborhood. And taste-wise, there are better-tasting traditional American lagers brewed by locals, such as Full Sail's Session lager (Full Sail is an employee-owned brewery - you can't get more 'beer of the working man' than that).

Why are Portland citizens, famous for our locavore culture, supporting corporate swill such as Pabst?

Tom Bielavitz

Northeast Portland

Zoos aren't assets, just entertainment

It felt so good to read Eileen Stark's insight 'Zoo no place for animals' (My View, Jan. 22).

She put into words what I have felt since the first day I walked into a zoo, and every time since then.

I'm flabbergasted that more of my environmental/animal rights-minded friends don't come away from the zoo with more empathy for the animals.

Like the climate issue for years, we've been greenwashed to think that they're doing the animals a 'service' when, in reality, we're taking away animals' well-being for our own short-term entertainment.

Amie Belisle

Southeast Portland

The wild is the place to be for animals

Great opinion by Eileen Stark titled 'Zoo no place for animals' (My View, Jan. 22).

Since my safaris to Kenya and Tanzania in 2001 I will never go to another zoo again, especially after seeing the animals run wild.

Thanks for your paper. I look forward to each new issue.

Bonnie Rulli

North Portland

On MAX, discomfort is far from 'danger'

I ride the east-side MAX almost daily. Yes, like everybody else, I have had uncomfortable experiences, but never once have I been in danger.

As we discuss how to address genuine safety issues, it is important not to blow the risk out of proportion and to avoid solutions that make us more secure in appearance only.

Yes, riding a train with a person suffering from homelessness and substance abuse makes me sad, and listening to a teenager's loud cell phone conversation is a distraction.

But while both may make some people uncomfortable, neither poses a danger of violence.

Let's focus on solutions that will improve the transit system and the public's confidence in TriMet, not undermine it.

Jonathan Leiss

Southeast Portland

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