We can get relief from foreign oil

To the Editor:

Oregon and much of the country is having one of the toughest winters in 10 years. But our politicians are in a panic over CO2 emissions as the cause of global warming. They want to mandate measures that will be economically depressing. Also we continue to hear of new side effects from ethanol production such as increased CO2 releases from the new land being used for crops. Food prices are going up and up due to diversion of corn. Rain forests are being cleared to make room for even more crops. Now we hear that a new bio-fuels plant in Oregon will use some imported feed stocks.

There are quicker, more certain, ways to get relief from foreign oil. If we really want relief we will drill for more oil in the regions available to us, such as ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico and the North Polar Sea. We will license more nuclear plants. We will keep building windmills even in sight of Kennebunkport. We will build refineries to reduce imports of refined gasoline. Before our backs are really to the wall we will build the cleanest coal plants now possible and improve them later. Who would not prefer self-sufficiency to more war in the Middle East?

In the din of political campaigns do you hear anything about NAFTA, CAFTA, SPP (The Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico) or the Law Of the Sea Treaty? Lots of activity is taking place beneath the radar that you may not like. The Internet can give you some chills. Enter the words NAFTA Superhighway in Google for an introduction.

George E. Edens

Lake Oswego

Supporters of LOJH Science Exhibit thanked for their generosity

To the Editor:

We wish to thank the community, the many volunteers and most of all the Dussin Family and Old Spaghetti Factory for the success of the fourth annual Lake Oswego Junior High Science Exhibit and Spaghetti Dinner.

The evening featured a preview of the LOJH play ' Mulan,' a culture fair, performances by the seventh grade choir, world drummers and. of course. the Science Exhibit. Other highlights of the evening included the health and wellness fair, a silent art auction and entertainment by a wonderful string quartet.

Over 750 people participated in the event and we wish to thank each and every one for their support. We feel so fortunate to belong to a community that is generous and active in our school activities.

Thank you and see you next year!

Janice Torkelson

Kasie Hansen

Lake Oswego

State Street property could find better use as a park for the city

To the Editor:

I appreciate the Lake Oswego Rowing Club's interest in the former US Bank building on State Street, given the unhealthy and, at times, turbulent waters of the Willamette River where the club currently resides.

But I do not appreciate the idea of relinquishing this rare opportunity for a small lakefront park.

Though Millennium Plaza Park is nearby, it does not provide sufficient enough public access to warrant changing the city's plan. Indeed, the location of the plaza so near to the intended park only serves to enhance the overall downtown area for its citizens.

There is so very little opportunity for the public to enjoy the lake from which their city gets its name, that when the rare chance to develop lakefront property arises, with the intended benefit for the entire community of Lake Oswego, I do not think the needs of a few yet outweigh the enjoyment of the larger, general population.

Johanna K. McCormick

Lake Oswego

School parking letter strikes a nerve with former LHS student

To the Editor:

This is in response to the letter (to the editor in the Jan. 31 edition of the Lake Oswego Review titled) 'High school parking problem needs a fix' written by student Molly Wallace.

Poor Molly Wallace! I feel your pain. It must be really tough being privileged to have a car, which you are allowed to drive daily to your top-rated, newly multi-million dollar remodeled school. To avoid getting wet and cold from the 8- minute walk from the parking lot to the school, I offer you this advice: Slip on your Burberry raincoat, open up you matching Burberry umbrella ... and oh ... don't forget your Kate Spade rain boots. If you don't own these yet ... ask your Daddy for his credit card and go immediately to Saks. Perhaps this will end your 'suffering' as you so described in your letter to the editor.

Liz Eselius-Naporano

Lakeridge Class of '84

Grosse Pointe, Mich.

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