by: David F. Ashton, Members of the Columbia Brass play a fanfare, as they begin the second half of their program at Woodstock’s All Saints’ Church.

The Columbia Brass and organist Ronald Hylton returned to the Woodstock neighborhood for a performance on Sunday, February 10th.

Typically, the Columbia Brass ensemble plays music that is chosen by an event's sponsor. 'But today, we've selected the music for this performance,' said ensemble member Craig Gibson. 'We haven't given a formal recital like this for a number of years.'

The first half of their program was primarily baroque music - Handel, Bach, Gabrieli, and Mozart.

The second half of the concert began as Craig Givson, Greg Garrett, William Stalnaker III, David Bryan, and Jack Quinby played a fanfare by David Amran. What followed was contemporary music, including compositions by Ingolf Dahl and Ralph Vaughn Williams.

Gibson said they selected Woodstock's All Saints' Episcopal Church as their venue because of the acoustics, and the church's pipe organ. 'This is a great place for brass to play. And, we've been collaborating with Ron Hylton, the church's organist and musical director, for the past nine years.'

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