Replacing a legend is difficult, but I was wondering if Todd Quincey got a fair chance to replace Sandy football legend Don McCarty.

Sandy last had a winning season in 2004 when McCarty led the Pioneers to a 5-4 record before retiring at the end of the 2005 season.

Since then, Sandy football has won five games in three years and now they are looking for another head coach to lead the team.

Quincey, 20 months after becoming head coach, has been released from his contract. His entire staff also has been released, but they can apply for a position on the new coaches staff.

All this got me thinking, was two season's enough time to honestly evaluate the head coach and is the new coach being set up for failure?

If you look over Quincey's record the last two years, 1-9 last season and 2-7 in 2006, you would undoubtedly say yes. Victories define coaches and when you lose, you get fired.

Last season, the Pioneers were beset with injuries with junior varsity players getting substantial playing time at the varsity level.

I covered the team many times last season and I know from watching that the players played hard and never quit, no matter what the score may have been. Having talked to a few players, they were upset at the change but happy to have played with Quincey.

'I love the guy, but two years is absolutely not enough time for a high school coach to prove anything,' senior starting offensive lineman Will Terada told me.

The players I talked to were upset at the timing and the fact that Quincey was left working towards next season for almost three months before he was released.

Athletic Director Courtney Murphy told me that the person she wants as head coach will win enough games to make the playoffs next year.

Wow, that is a big jump for the next coach.

Don't get me wrong; I would like nothing more than for Sandy football to be a powerhouse.

But to ask a new coach to come in and say they will make the playoffs next year, after a 1-9 season, and they will be losing 43% of their roster to graduation?

They are losing one of the best wide receivers in the conference in Blake Bithell and three-year starter at quarterback AJ Schnell.

I am all for setting your goals high, but playoffs next year?

Sandy may be setting its new coach up for failure, I hope I'm wrong, but only time will tell.

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