Beaverton Police Assn. endorses Doyle

The Beaverton Police Association (BPA) is pleased to announce our endorsement of City Councilor Dennis Doyle for mayor of Beaverton in the upcoming May primary election.

Councilor Doyle wants to improve police training and address important public concerns, such as mental health issues and juvenile crime. He supports action and demand-based resource allocation and staffing that better responds to the needs and expectations of the citizens of Beaverton through stronger community policing service.

Councilor Doyle will examine the allocation of police resources with the new incoming chief, command staff and officers, to determine what additional resources and adjustments are necessary to enhance the safety of both citizens and officers - areas of great concern to Beaverton police officers who strive to achieve continued service excellence to the community.

The BPA feels that Councilor Doyle will work with the police department to institute upgrades that will advance communications technology to the highest levels currently available. He will also actively pursue the expansion of important communication channels between the officers on the street and the administration.

As a business owner, Councilor Doyle knows the importance of fiscal responsibility, the need for management accountability, transparent and reliable government and leadership by example. He detailed plans to collaborate and establish open and honest dialogue with the business community, in and around the city, which translates to jobs and prosperity for Beaverton citizens.

The Beaverton Police Association arrived at these conclusions after recent meetings with both candidates, at which a variety of community and organizational issues were explored. It was clear during those discussions that Councilor Doyle has the leadership experience, comprehensive insight, broader perspective and innovative plans to greatly improve the police department's service to our community. We trust that he is the best candidate for mayor of the city of Beaverton.

The Beaverton Police Association strongly endorses Councilor Dennis Doyle for mayor of Beaverton and we encourage all Beaverton voters to join us in supporting his efforts to lead the city of Beaverton into the future.


President of the Beaverton Police Association

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