That's why Craig Reger gives so much to help people who are less fortunate that many of us
by: Mikel Kelly, Hasson Company Realtor Craig Reger pauses in his office near the intersection of highways 217 and 26.

Chances are, you've seen the green moving truck around town before. Maybe you saw it picking up a new sofa, delivering clothes for needy families, or helping a family move into their new house.

With 'buy or sell a house with me and use this truck for free!' emblazoned across its side, this truck certainly gets around.

That's because Craig Reger of the Craig Reger Group is a Realtor with good business sense and a soft spot for the community he's called home nearly his whole life.

Reger is an independent Realtor for the Hasson Company, a locally owned, independent real estate company that serves much of the Pacific Northwest. The Hasson Company proudly promotes reaching out to the community through the donation of time, money and resources, and Reger embraces his company's ideals.

'I don't know if it sets me apart, really,' said Reger of his company's charity donations. 'I'm doing it because it feels good and it's the right thing to do.'

Twelve years ago, Reger decided to sell his roofing company and venture into the real estate market.

'When I sold that business, I wanted to do sales, and because I'd been working in housing with roofs, it was actually somewhat of a natural transition to jump into,' said Reger.

The experience has been a good one for Reger. Hasson recently named him the top agent of his office and the second highest producing agent in the entire company. With all of his success, Reger understands it's important to give back.

And he realized a great place to start his company's charity work would be with his moving truck that wasn't getting as much use as it should.

'Sitting here in the parking lot, it doesn't benefit anybody,' said Reger. So he decided not only to let his clients use the truck but also donate its use to local charities such as the Make A Wish Foundation and the Wetlands Conservancy. He also feels strongly about Habitat For Humanity, donating much of his time and resources to that organization.

Just recently his moving truck served such organizations as Human Solutions, an organization that assists families in need. With the help of his truck they were able bring the season of giving to 200 families and 1,000 kids by delivering clothes, toys and household items for the holidays.

The truck also helped the Wetlands Conservancy recycle 200 pounds of scrap metal and plastic drums and to move materials used for restoration activities.

Since late 2005, Reger has donated much of his company's time and resources to Portland's Habitat for Humanity.

'I realized that it seemed like a really natural fit,' said Reger, explaining why he chose to work with Habitat for Humanity. 'Because I'm selling homes to people who are fortunate enough to purchase them. And how great it would be to help people who are good, hardworking people but aren't fortunate enough to be able to buy them.'

To Reger, he's helping people obtain that piece of the American dream known as home ownership. And a Realtor who's done more than $225 million in home sales certainly understands the importance of home ownership.

Reger donates on a personal level as well. With each house that closes, he makes a donation to Habitat for Humanity in honor of his clients. Then Reger personally matches that donation.

'Craig Reger's involvement has really been fantastic and multifaceted,' said Shannon Tennant, the development director for organizational giving for Portland's Habitat for Humanity.

Reger initiated a partnership with Habitat for Humanity in late 2005, initially committing to a donation of $100 per house, said Tennant. That donation increased to a $15,000 donation this year, or what Habitat for Humanity calls a 'cornerstone' of a house. Within a week, workers from around the country built a house for a North Portland family with the help of The Craig Reger Group's donation.

In addition to this cornerstone donation, Reger also donated boxes of nails to Habitat for Humanity in honor of 200 of his clients last Christmas. At $10 a box, this donation totaled $2,000.

'He's great about making sure every member in his team is involved in the partnership,' said Tennant. 'I really know this is something that's close to his heart.'

As far as future plans for donations and charity work, Reger plans to continue his partnership with Habitat. Some people have chosen to work with his company because of his community involvement, said Reger. And to him, if his donations create business, that's always a good thing, too.

'We let people know we do it so they know what kind of business they're working with,' said Reger.

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