Scappoose country singer/songwriter Vince Rosling is headed to Nashville to compete for a spot on 'Nashville Star,' country music's equivalent of 'American Idol'
by: Submitted Photo, Vince Rosling, Scappoose born and raised, is heading to Nashville today to compete for a slot on FOX channel's "Nashville Star," an "American Idol" clone slated to move to NBC this summer

For the millions of viewers who have faithfully watched the popular FOX program 'American Idol,' the statement 'You're going to Hollywood' has a significant meaning. For those who don't watch 'Idol,' the statement holds a dream for the contestants -- knowing their chances of becoming a star have just increased by a million miles. They have now become one of the chosen few to vie for the title of the last man standing.

Reminiscent of the 'Idol' concept, Scappoose born-and-raised country music singer/songwriter Vince Rosling recently heard the words he'd only dreamed would come true. The magic words, 'You're going to Nashville' moved Rosling up to being considered as one of America's cream of the crop country music singers. He is leaving for the country music capital today to battle other up-and-coming country music singers for a spot on the famed 'Nashville Star,' USA Network's reality show. Rosling is one of only 100 gleaned from more than 20,000 singers who started the process. And, what's even better is the program, hosted this season by Billy Ray Cyrus, is moving to NBC this summer.

Since getting the life-changing news last week, Rosling has been floating on cloud nine. 'I've been missing exits driving down the road,' said Rosling. 'It's ridiculous. My mind is racing with what this is going to mean.'

Rosling, age 41 and the father of two, has been singing since he was a kid. In college he played jazz sax and earned a degree in vocational music. Although temporarily sidetracked to raise his family, he never lost sight of the dream. After growing up as a self-proclaimed 'metalhead,' a truck driving job introduced him to the world of country music. 'Once I really listened, I got it,' said Rosling. 'I found the music that moved me.' While on the road, he would pop in at local bars around Oregon. In his truck-driving 'grubbies' he would get up and belt out a tune, to the surprise of onlookers.

Rosling is former lead vocalist of 'Backroads.' He also did a lot of karaoke, winning a few bucks and getting known around the Portland area. After leaving truck driving and getting a job at Waste Management in Portland in 2004, Rosling finally had more time to devote to his music.

Since then, Rosling has recorded a handful of his own songs produced by Bart Hafeman in his Scappoose studio. Right now, reviewed as a hoedown happy song, 'Frying Pan' is rating high on the Garage Band Web site. He can't make demos fast enough to supply those who want them. His voice and style has been compared to Keith Urban and Toby Keith.

Rosling's strengths are his passion for what he is doing and his ability to be himself. When most wanna-be singers are looking for a new persona to get attention, Rosling presents himself - no reinvention here. 'A lot of people went with a stage persona,' said Rosling. 'I went as me. I thought I had a good shot.' He was right. At the Portland try-outs, he was told to sing 'Amazing Grace.' Never having sung it before, he knew the words, so just belted it out. 'I'd gotten choked up standing there thinking about my family. They believed in me. This would bring such joy to them, me being there. It was about them, not me.' The emotion showed and the judges loved it.

This wasn't the first time Rosling had tried out for the show. Two years ago, he won the first round, then placed second to go the Nashville. 'It just crushed me,' said Rosling. 'I was ready to go.' Undaunted, he gave it another shot and won.

So, for now, he's going to continue just being himself. 'If I'm going to try to be somebody I'm not, it's not me,' said Rosling. 'Being me has worked so far.'

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