For those who are not aware, Mark Buser was questioned by the Secretary Of State about whether he served alcohol at his campaign kick-off party in January.

Mark registered disappointment at city hall for having to cancel plans to provide kegs for a summer music concert.

When Mark appeared during public comments before the West Linn City Council on March 10, lashing out at unnamed neighbors, neighborhood associations and the League of West Linn Neighborhood (LWLN), he was apparently assuming that some 'handful of citizens' had conspired to obstruct his city council campaign.

Mark has a right to his opinions about citizen participation in the public process. But as LWLN co-chairs, we were unpleasantly surprised to hear such unwarranted accusations and remarks considering the friendly relationship that LWLN has maintained for years with the Chamber of Commerce and more recently with Mark as its president.

For the record, Mark was mistaken; neither LWLN nor any neighborhood association that we know of filed a complaint against him.

But more concerning is his misunderstanding about non-profits like LWLN vs. a political action committee. Perhaps since he has not attended our meetings, Mark is unfamiliar with the function that LWLN serves in the community.

The vision to form the League of Neighborhoods as a separate, non-profit entity to enhance and encourage effective citizen participation regarding citywide issues was written into the 1994 Imagine West Linn document (View on city Web site).

LWLN strives to facilitate information and communications amongst neighborhoods, schools, businesses and other agencies and organizations with the goal of maintaining and improving the livability and character of West Linn.

Everyone in the entire community is welcome to participate in our free workshop coming up at 6 p.m. on April 10 at city hall, presented by Goal One Coalition, called 'Equipping Citizens with Tools and Strategies for Planning a Better Community' ( We hope to see you there.

Julia Simpson and Teri Cummings are the co-chairs of the League of West Linn Neighborhoods.

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