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Talk about culture shock.

I have been writing for The Sandy Post for over a year now, first as a free-lancer and now as the sports editor. I have enjoyed every aspects of my job, interviewing the coaches, kids, athletic director and anyone else involved with the athletics programs at Sandy High School.

I moved from California where I covered over 15 high schools and never have I had a reaction, like the reactions I have gotten over the past three editorials.

Recently, I have caught a lot of grief over my opinion on the subject of Sandy High School athletics.

I have been called a lot of things in the past couple of weeks, and have also had some face to face conflicts with people in the community that are upset with my opinion.

Let's see, I'll start by borrowing an old saying, 'Where there is smoke, there is fire.'

People have been commenting that I told a 'one-sided story without facts' and that I 'have an agenda' against Sandy High School. Well the Oregon Trail School District must have agreed with me a little, since they are now looking for a new athletic director for Sandy High School.

First off I have no agenda, in fact I could care less who is in charge of a program, sport or team. I want you all to know that I would love nothing more than to cover little Jimmy hitting a game winning shot for the state title.

Second, it was an opinion and it was my opinion.

I asked questions to students and it made me wonder, so I put pen to paper and produced the three columns.

One question, when did we start putting such pressure on kids to win?

Sports are supposed to be a kid's game, a way to learn sportsmanship, the attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy toward team mates and opponents, ethical behavior and integrity and grace in losing.

Apparently that went out the window because lately the community seems to be all about pointing blame for the troubles of the athletic department.

I must have hit a nerve, because the reactions I have gotten have been very raw.

People online have said, '…those of us not inside the lines, the locker room--we do not see the entire picture and we do not know the dynamics.' But after talking to all the players, I got a good picture of what was going on and what the players were thinking.

I have been told that '…maybe we should wait until Superintendent Shelley Redinger and principal Brian Heinze have been there to prove what they are doing will have a positive effect on the school..' With that logic, shouldn't we have let the two coaches do the same?

I was accosted in the parking lot of Fred Meyer with a parent screaming at me, ' can you write such negative articles about Sandy High School? We are trying to get the bond passed and your articles are just negative publicity towards our school.'

Bond or no bond, sports will always be a part of high school and kids will always want to play. Here's hoping people let kids be kids and they learn about sportsmanship.

All I am trying to point out is that if my opinion was totally wrong, the comments would have been completely the same. If you look online and the emails I have received, I must have hit a nerve because people are talking and discussing the school.

Hopefully people will continue to ask questions and we can get to the bottom of the issues.

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