Young sisters team up for March fund-raiser at Skibowl
by: contributed photo, This rider show his stuff during last year’s Suds on the Slopes.

Approximately 3,200 children are diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia every year, according to the Children's Cancer Research Fund. This month, skiers and snowboarders who visit Mt. Hood Skibowl can help raise money to fight that disease and other cancers that strike children.

'Cancer has affected so many of our loved ones,' said Camryn Hanna, 14, who has organized a fundraiser with her sister, Brooke. 'Both our grandfathers died from cancer, so my sister and I knew we wanted to be a part of a charity that focused on people who are suffering from this disease.'

During March, Skibowl will make a $1 donation to the Children's Cancer Research Fund for every ticket sold, and the fundraiser will fly to new heights at the third annual Suds on the Slopes on Saturday, March 22. During the event, 100 percent of participant lift tickets plus a portion of the event proceeds and entry fees will benefit the fund.

Suds on the Slopes will feature a variety of events, including the Vertical Challenge, where riders are judged on the route they choose in the resort's upper bow; and pond skimming, in which snowboarders and skiers attempt to skip across a pond. There's also a full day of music, beer and root beer.

'We both agreed that it would be a great idea to raise money and awareness for the kids who are suffering with cancer,' said Brooke Hanna, 11. 'We are really excited to have this event and see the outcome of everyone's efforts.'

The sisters initially hoped to raise $10,000 for the fundraiser but upped their target to $25,000. Their dedication to the cause made a strong impression on their father, Kirk Hanna, who is also the owner of Skibowl.

'I'm extremely proud of my daughters with respect to their initiative in putting this fundraiser together,' Kirk said. 'Their motivation moved me to participate in any way that I can because it was apparent that they really wanted to be part of a solution.'

And if skiing or snowboarding doesn't sound appealing, eating pizza can also raise money to fight cancer. For each large pizza purchased at the Ratskeller, 88335 E. Government Camp Business Loop, $2 will go toward the fundraiser.

The sisters hope to continue their vision next year and beyond and make the fundraiser an annual event and to make an impact on the lives of children.

'In our everyday lives we see problems that seem insurmountable, and it's all too easy to think that our individual efforts can't make a difference,' Kirk said. 'That is where my daughters have stepped up to the plate. We can all make a difference if we dedicate ourselves.'

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