West Linn City Council candidate and former West Linn Chamber of Commerce President Mark Buser, now knee-deep in some recently reported financial problems with the chamber and an apparent complaint filed against him with the Secretary of State about his paying for alcohol at a fundraiser, has recently been slinging a lot of mud at others who have nothing to do with either of these problems.

First, at a city council meeting he flung untrue and malicious charges at neighborhood associations and the League of West Linn Neighborhoods. When these didn't stick, he then tried to go after another organization, Neighbors for a Livable West Linn (NLWL). He stated in a March 20 Tidings piece '… a few citizens calling themselves advocates for a more livable West Linn infiltrated community neighborhood groups…'

Further, he used the phrase 'citizen parasites' in describing these people. Buser will find that this won't work either.

NLWL is a non-profit organization that has provided computers to kids in our school district who cannot afford to have one in their homes. We have also worked to find money from various funding sources to make a park out of the White Oak Savanna. We disseminate community information on various items of concern to the citizens of West Linn. NLWL has a substantial e-mail list and has distributed such neighborhood news as how to help our neighbor's family that was hit by a car.

When neighbor Steve Miesen started removing the invasive ivy from the trees of Maddox Woods, that item was sent out along with a call for volunteers. Information about how to help kids in shelters have real birthday parties got donations to the people who asked for it to be posted by NLWL. A fundraiser for the WLHS grad night was also listed. Both job listings and resumes have found a place on these e-mail postings. There was even a cat or two listed as lost and a helpful word on how to avoid a home burglary.

NLWL has an annual fund-raising auction (this year it will be on Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. at the corner of Tannler Drive and Bland Circle in West Linn). Last year, more than $2,000 was raised by having neighbors bid on 90 items that were donated by local and national retail and dining establishments and from very talented neighbors. Everyone is invited to attend. The bidding is fast and furious and it is one fun evening. You can read more about us at

I believe Mr Buser owes a formal apology not only to neighborhood associations and the League of West Linn Neighborhoods, but also to Neighbors for a Livable West Linn. And he should think long and hard before he tries to disparage them again. This city is much the better for the good works of all of these groups.

Roberta Schwarz is a West Linn resident and co-founder of the Neighbors for a Livable West Linn.

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