To the Editor:

The West Linn City Council designated March as a month to focus on eliminating hunger in West Linn.

They are to be commended and their efforts supported. School children and scout troops supported the food drive I know.

But I have missed the weekly public service ads in your paper reminding our citizens to donate food items on a regular basis. Hunger does not end in March, however, so there are still many weeks and months for you to remind us how we can help.

For example, all residents of our city who shop at the West Linn Safeway may not know that they can pick up extra food items each time they shop, have them bagged separately, and deliver them right across the parking lot to the city hall.

There is a box in the lobby where the bags may be left (even during months when we do not have donation barrels in our markets) and our city's Shauna Shroyer sees that these food items are transferred to the West Linn Food Pantry for any citizen who needs food. Of course, residents who shop at other markets can donate food items at city hall or the food pantry also.

If each time each of us shops for groceries, we were to add an extra $5 or $10 worth of canned soups, stews, fish, fruits, vegetables or packages of cereal, crackers, rice, beans, pasta and sauce, peanut butter, etc., to a section of the shopping cart, have these items bagged separately and drop them off at the pantry or city hall, I am confident this would go a long way toward eliminating hunger in West Linn. (As an aside, I usually pick up a copy of the market's sales items for that week and make my donated dollars go further.)

I think your paper would be doing a great service if you were to do a follow-up story with Shauna Shroyer on the progress made this month to fill the West Linn Food Pantry.

Even data on how many people have been helped and whether any had to be turned away would be informative. It is a commendable goal that no person in our city goes hungry. If all the generous residents of our city pitch in, I know we can meet this goal.

Merle Kovash

West Linn

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